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Fukuoka International Boat Club

Playing in the sea, international exchange - Row, Sail, Socialize

We are a marine sports club based in Fukuoka. Rowing (Coastal Rowing) and Sailing

Let more people know about this wonderful sport,

We also hope that it will become a sport that anyone can easily enjoy at an affordable price.


You can enjoy the sea with or without the wind!

We offer lessons for beginners, expeditions with experienced riders, casual races, BBQ competitions, and more.

I can communicate in Japanese, English and Chinese,

We would like to create an international community through sea activities and promote cultural exchange.

Base of Operations

KAOI SURF is located just a 5-minute walk from Imajuku Station in Nishi-ku, Fukuoka, where we have facility usage partnership with a nearby beach.

Our Fleet



It is a versatile boat

imported from Austria.

It can be used for

athletic sailing in strong winds,

or family fun in light winds.

Not only sailing, it can also be used for paddling and rowing.



Our club owns several ROWonAIR® inflatable rowing boards. 

You can rowed by either one or two people.


Cruiser Yacht

The founding members,
Mr. Takeshita and Mrs. Linda,

are graciously willing to lent out their yachts for family days and club activities such as long distance sailing and rowing trips.

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