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X-CAT Multi-sport Catamaran

Go picnic on a beach

A versatile boat to go places


The thin hulls and its light weight make it easy to drag the boat on sand. You can land on a beach or a slope of the boat yard easily, just by one person.

Bring your kids or partner, or just by yourself, to a no-man's beach for an exclusive picnic!  Go fishing with the wide space available.

"It doesn't have a centerboard and has a auto kick-up rudder, so you can easily beach it. When you catch the wind it responds well and the boat speed goes up, which feels great!"

The XCAT with no engine, does not require a boat license.

-Mr. Kawabata, Veteran Sailor

Sail with Ease

Easy sailing without capsize 

Traditional single-hull dinghy sailboat capsizes easily even in light wind.


XCAT is super stable, making it safe and easy for beginners. Once you learn the basics and have become more confident, venture out in stronger wind to enjoy the thrill.

"It was a very stable and relaxing ride. It's easy to operate even for beginners, so it's especially recommended for those who want to start sailing and enjoy with family. Pack lunch and go picnic on a no-man's beach! It is an interesting boat that easily expands the range of things you can do, way more fun than other standard small sailboat."

​ - Mrs. Mari, veteran dinghy sailor, Fukuoka

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Wind or Muscle

The fastest sailboat to paddle or row!


The hull is long and slender and has low water resistance, so you can paddle it fast! (Easily up to 7kph). 
Great for no wind days, or in wind shadows.  Also, just lower the main sail, furl the jib, paddle to shore in unpredictable wind in marinas.

Bring it Anywhere.

Take it with you wherever you go


This catamaran is easy to assemble. The hull weighs 17 kg, so one person can easily put it on the car and carry it to various places.

​All parts come with a dedicated bag.

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Quality and Innovation Made in Austria.

Quality and innovation made in Austria

"All the parts, including the fittings, are well made." 

Mr. Takeshita

X-CAT was developed in Lichtenberg, Austria. The founder is an avid engineer who loves water sport and is passionate about developing innovative products. New products are rigorously tested before they hit the market, and we strive every day to provide products that exceed the expectations of our customers and fans.

Exploring a nearby island with little win. (English & Japanese) 


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Demo Boat available in Fukuoka City

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